On April 6, ASIA participated, for the first time as an association, posing a stand for the WORLD HEALTH DAY fair organized to TORREBONICA, TERRASSA.

To the stand we have given information about the Association to many people. We have distributed cards with the logo and the website and added the information to access the ASIA video. We have also sold some bags of the association that has hand sewn the Feli.

There have been about 6 people who have specifically asked for where they could receive medical care and given them the relevant information.

We have also had a visit from a girl, the Rose who does pelvic floor reinforcement workshops and has offered to make us diffusion from their workshops. Yet we have offered to spread what she does.

Throughout the morning we have had the visit of many children who have painted drawings, asked us questions and helped us to complete the decoration of our stand that is starring a table dressed in a skirt that has also sewn the Feli and a sheet with the ASIA logo painted by the sons of Noalia.

We had prepared to pass the video to the standbut there was a lot of noise and it could not feel good. Nor was visibility too good from the computer screen with as much light as there was.

We were also visited by the Health Regidora, Mrs Josefina Soler, from Terrassa City Council, who has frankly shown a great deal of interest and congratulated us on the initiative.

We believe that as an initial experience it has been very positive! Forward ASIA!