Week full of activities in Madrid


What a week in Madrid, full of meetings, patient days... of course we will keep you informed.

One of the planned meetings was with Dr. Listerri, President of Semergen at his Madrid headquarters.

As always reaffirm our commitment to reach as much as possible to primary care physicians throughout Spain, the way we have clear and already begun, we will continue to fight with the invaluable help of Semergen.



Day at La Paz University Hospital in Madrid

Tomorrow very emotional, with new patients... presentations, emotions...... but a common job. help us and share our concerns... we have been accompanied by Dr. Isabel Pascual (colorectal surgeon), helping in the patient's questions.



Commenting and making plans to get better to patients. Days, meetings, how to reach the patient on the emotional side?

And always Dr Septiem and Dr. Bermejo by our side so we can help