Treating anal incontinence at Olot hospital


The hospital in Olot and ASIA, implement a plan to improve care for those affected that will be carried out to ABS

The regional hospital of Olot jointly leads with the association ASIA the implementation of a plan to improve the detection and treatment of fecal incontinence in Garrotxa, (Girona), which affects 15% of the adult population. This plan, aims to improve the visibility and correct treatment of this pathology, will be carried out in the basic areas of which this hospital center is a reference. In particular, this project aims to identify people who are visited in primary care and who for any clinical reason may have an alteration of the defecatori habit that causes fecal incontinence. The primary care team will treat these patients directly with changes in their food diet or with training in improving daily defecat-ries maneuvers. Those with higher-grade incontinence will be referred to the colorectal and pelvic floor surgery unit of the Olot hospital.

The starting point of this project has been a day organized by the Association for Anal Incontinence (ASIA), the ICS, which manages the Primary Health Centers of Besalú and Olot, the hospital and the two basic areas of Sant Joan les Fonts and the Vall d'en Ba s-Hostoles.