Step by step, ASIA advances


Thanks to the company MEDTRONIC, we have had the pleasure of being able to attend the 3rd National Congress of Chronic Patients, on April 23 and 24, to the city of Toledo,
the two days have been a very productive experience, since we have realized that we are very alone and that ours is a very unknown ailment. !!!
It has served us, to make ourselves known, and to see the need to attend to the maximum of events, to leave our grain of sand, until we get the incontinents to stop being the great ignored.

The organizing committee and scientific committee, is composed of:
President Dr. Rafael M. Micó Pérez (director of primary care Department of the General Hospital of Valencia.)
José Luis Liserri Caro (President SEMERGEN), Luis Carretero Alcántara (president of SESCAM)
Paloma Casado Durández (director of quality)
Thomas Castillo Arenal (president of the patient organization platform, president of the Spanish Society of Cystic Fibrosis).

The official Inauguration Ceremony, to the Auditorium Room, on April 23, 2015, at 11 a.m., which was held above 100 people
In the afternoon and also the next day, we visited all the workshops, to know projects and experiences.
- Myastsnia Workshop.- The vision of the patient who also has a voice
- Live with Anticoagulants, learn to be the protagonist of your health, respiratory device, inhalers...
- Oncology aesthetics
- Interactive workshop with IEXPAC, the experience of the chronic patient with healthcare professionals and services
- The importance of physical exercise in chronic respiratory ailments 
- Social media workshop for patients and associations
- Workshop learns how to use the new SEMERGEN patient WEB.
In all of them, we have left our information, in case we can help them.
And again our sincere thanks, to the LABORATORIES MEDTRONIC, for their collaboration that allowed us to attend the congress, since everyone who can move forward and let us know, is very helpful.