National Meeting Foundation Spanish Association of Coloproctologia


This year the XXIII National Meeting Foundation Spanish Association of Coloproctologia, has taken place on the 15th to 17th of May in the Auditorium Miguel Delibes of Valladolid. For us as every year, it is a pleasure to be able to attend, because apart from the excellent scientific event, we can meet with friends and professionals who support us in our trainings. Our goal is to open doors with professionals of coloproctology from all over Spain, in order to expand the knowledge of this pathology, which remains immensely unknown to many.

Our president Angels Roca, had the honor of participating and sharing a round table with patients of other pathologies, in which Dr. Espin was also present, devating on the needs and missed patients by specialists in General.

It was always.. thank you Angels.... always thinking to patients, no matter how many nerves you go through.

We have come out with a folder full of new challenges, to which we will surely give full account... Galicia, Salamanca, Seville, Granada....

Thank and congratulate Dr Francisco Blanco Antona, Curro, for us, President of the Organizing Committee General Surgery Service of the Hospital Clinico Universitario de Valladolid, for his great work and his warm welcome, we feel very careful and dear... thank you Curro.. we are for whatever you need, do not hesitate.