Marxa-Trail in solidarity


On November 10th, we will celebrate the 4th edition of the solidarity march-trail of ASIA in Cervié de Ter (Girona).

Since the first edition 4 years ago, participation has been increasing exponentially, the first was attended by approximately 200 people.

In the last edition, the 2018 involved more than 700 walkers.

For those who have not yet come, we will tell you that you have three routes to choose from, one of 6 km for those who want to walk. 14 km with a positive elevation of 300 meters, for those who run. And a course for the most experienced athletes, since they are 20 km and a positive elevation of 500 meters.

As usual, they will have recognition in the form of a trophy the first/first, second/second and third/third of each tour.

And for all the enrolled, at the end... botifarrada, drinks, and of course you can not miss the already recognized and essential "yaya broth" who the tried already knows what it is, and those who come for the first time can enjoy it, but do not miss, the demand is so great that for more liters we put to the reach, it's the first thing that ends.

In short, a festive, participatory and sporting morning.

Here you have 3 images from previous editions

If you want to participate, you can make your early registration in this link