IX Course of Updateation in Surgery of Cholera and Straight in SANTANDER


At the MAGDALENA PALACE in Santander,
We enjoyed the honor of being invited to the IX Update Course in Colon and Straight Surgery by Dr. Julio Castillo, always by our side and as many times as we need it. Extraordinary day, where we were able to give the brochures of our association to all the attendees of the course and thus make ourselves known and explained to the Drs. and Dras. present of the need to hold meetings with primary care centers, since they are the first to receive patients of this pathology, usually totally unknown by primary care professionals.

Absolutely fantastic people who from the first minute are with us to help and look for the good of the patients.

Magnificent day, job surpassed with honor license plate, now it's time to charge batteries.

We leave you photos of this event