Date: April 11, place: Hospital Universitario SON ESPASES in Palma de Mallorca, the pleasure: to be present to the IV COURSE OF BASIC COLOPROCTOLOGIA, for emergency physicians and primary care, organized by Dr. Jose M Olea, the general surgery service and the digestive system. 

Especially aimed at primary care professionals, digestologists, general surgeons, urologists, gynecologists, physiotherapists, nurses......
It was a great illusion to see the event room so full of professionals interested in this pathology so unknown to some.
The presentation was at the hands of Dr. Xavier Gonzalez, head of general surgery services and the digestive system.

Speakers of the different subjects: Dr. David Ambrona, exploration in proctology, Dr. Alessandro Bianchi, hemorrhoids, Dr. Marina Jimenez, Anal Fissure, Dr. Juanjo Segura, fistulas in the anus, Dr. Gonzalo Martin, SI Pilonidal, Dr. Myriam Fernandez, sexually transmitted ailments, Colon diverticulums, colon cancer, we had several cases of exposure moderated by Dr. Olea

In the second part and already in the afternoon Dr. Xavier González, together with Dr. Olea, organizer of the day, gave the Day dedicated to patients, presentation of ASIA Mallorca and the involvement of primary in this pathology.
Angels Roca, president of the association made the presentation of the delegate in Mallorca, Catalina, who explained to all patients and professionals. Products that help us in the day to day, unbeatable accompanied by Natalia Alonso, M. Jose Bosque, M. Irene Garcia, M. Esther Lopez, Jose Gabriel Perez, who together with Dr. Olea, explained all the possible treatments....

A great event... day with the assistance of many professionals and patients and all ready to start patient sessions, and open new paths in ses illes.