Monday 20 January 2020 and in the hall of the Girona Clinic, Dr. Ferres and Dr. Pigem of Josep Trueta University Hospital, doctors surgeons of colorectal, together with the Physiotherapeutic Marta Jimenez and the President of Asia Angels Roca, a Day was organized dedicated to patients with Fecal Incontinence, I.F. to be able to advise them and indicate the steps to follow when they endure this pathology.

The Drs. They explained the causes and types of I.F. and how to solve them surgically.

Marta Jimenez from the same Girona Clinic and Physiotherapist, I explain the importance of recovery after childbirth, operation etc,

The end of the day with a question wheel, it was great to see that the patients asked and commented on how difficult it is to reach them, because of the unknowability that there is in this pathology.

Thank you very much to the Doctors and Martha for your time.