First patient meeting in the Murcia region


Great reception by Dr. Muñoz on our arrival at the University Hospital Reina Sofia in Murcia.
Really shocked by the number of patients and people interested in pathology (I.F.) and in their first meeting in the region of Murcia, a totally emotional meeting, between cries and laughter went through the day, all the attendees who wished to explain it their experiences as well as the difficulties in which they find themselves in their day to day, very encouraging to see how people had just just met, already encouraged and helped each other. This is the basic and priority objective of our association, that no one believes that it is alone in their incontinence, we are many like them i that all together we are like a big family that supports each other, in short, fantastic day.

Before closing the meeting, Dr. Muñoz answered all the questions and questions that the attendees had to ask. Really tender when an entire medical professional gets excited about a question, here the humanity of this person is evident. Immensely grateful to open the doors of the Reina Sofia University Hospital in Murcia.