Fecal Incontinence Day at John XXIII DE TARRAGONA Hospital


On April 9th, the first Day of Fecal Incontinence took place at the Juan XXIII Hospital in TARRAGONA... success, the room full of primary school doctors and nurses interested in the subject.
The day was presented by Dr. Albert Pons, Director of the Center, Dr. Rosa Jorba, Clinical Director Service and Dr. Ricard Sales, Unit Coordinator.
Then began the Day organized by Dr. Francesc Feliu, great doctor and person, I trust us and gave us the opportunity to present Asia, and to be able to claim all the help we need from elementary school.
We were accompanied by Dr. Arantxa Muñoz, Mutua de Terrassa, coloproctologist, explaining the concepts of fecal incontinence.
Dr. Yolanda Ribas of CST TERRASSA, explaining the initiatives so that primary is motivated by this pathology.
Dr. Daniel Pérez, primary care, speaking from his specialty
Montserrat Chicote contributing all her experience as a nurse and specialist in the I.F. of the Primary Care Center (CAP) Nord de Terrassa, Tere Sole i Nuria Lido, rehabilitation techniques Dr. Francesc Feliu explained his experience with the IF treaties, together with Dr. Cristina Ivars...
Fantastic day and very productive, everyone was looking forward to more...  it was certainly a very enjoyable and interesting day...