This morning we had the honor, together with Montse Tey (Medtronic ), Dr. Oriol Porta( service 'Obstetricia i ginecologia Hospital de San Pau , Dr Lucia Catot Surgeon General of the Clinic, Dr Pilar Hernandez Service General Surgery Hospital of sant Pau power explain the role of the Asia association and how necessary the entire nursing equipment, gynecology, urolary and colorectal surgeons go together.

Whether the patient is for one cause or another, it goes a thousand turns.

Doctors have explained all the treatments that there are, and on Mont de Medtronic's part has explained the neuroestimator sacras, and the high tantpo percent of positive cases with solution.

The room has been small, with many doctors and re-sorenes in the hallway, without being able to see the presentations, the director has told us all there that we can already think about making a day for many more participants.