Closing bars a nightmare for people with incontinence and ostomy


Some diseases cause an uncontrollable and recurrent need to go to the bathroom. Patients with intestinal inflammation or incontinence often have to employ the services of bars and restaurants. But now, they're closed. That's why they denounce the lack of a good public toilet network.

Yolanda Fernandez has to ask to be allowed to enter the bathrooms of a high school urgently. "They've left me!" he exclaims as I leave. He's been able to, but he's not always so lucky. She's osmotitzada. Urine comes out of a surgically created opening and builds up in a bag. From here the bars are closed are often without bathroom. She is president of the Balearic Association of Crohn's Patients, Ulcerative Colitis and Ostomized (ABACCO).

Precisely the City council of Palma has installed portable bathrooms by service workers such as THE ORA, who can no longer make their needs to cafes. "They're closed, we can't get in, " he laments. He explains that ABACCO, together with the Incontinence Association (ASIA), have been claiming a public bathing network for years.

Some bars are sympathetic and let them through, but many excuse themselves that they only attack to take away for not letting them through. "And you have to change all your clothes, diapers and compresses," explains Joana Bauz, ASIA delegate in the Balearic Islands. This makes some people stay home and don't even dare take a walk