Ciudad Real Pharmaceutical Update on Advances Against Fecal Incontinence


The College of Pharmacists (COF) of Ciudad Real has recently given a conference on the management of Fecal Incontinence and advances in this pathology, which remains unnormalized despite its growing impact on society. Thirty pharmacy professionals heard from physicians specialized in coloprocty at the Madrid Hospital in La Paz and the president of the national association of this disorder, Angels Roca, whom Marta Arteta, a member of Hospital Pharmacy COF in The City of The Royal City.
The first presentation, which addressed the generalities and importance of the problem, was by Dr. José Luis Marijuán, head of coloproctology service of the General Surgery service of the hospital of La Paz. Marijuán indicated that fecal incontinence is a growing problem in society, but is usually hidden by what it entails. "We have been with a new treatment that implants electrons in neuromodelers for several years. With this, we achieved the enerveration of the final traffic of the rectum of the colon and improved the quality of life of the patients, reducing the number of bowel movements and the use of diapers," explained the doctor.
Dr. Inés Rubio, also a member of the colloproctology unit of La Paz, spoke, who listed some of the treatment modalities. "Surgery is used less and less, only for acute cases because in the results field there are other types of therapy such as neurostimulation or pelvic floor rehabilitation, which are better."
Rubio explained that "there are also preventive measures such as changing diets and nutritional habits to avoid laxative foods. They are small changes in daily life, pharmacy products such as diapers or compresses, disposable underwear, creams... these small summed gestures can greatly change the quality of life and the population has to know them. Now the stigma of suffering from incontinence is disappearing, which was not previously said out of shame but now we have to give information because people know it and fix it," she concluded.
Finally, Angela Roca, president of the National Association for Anal Incontinence, ASIA, spoke. Roca explained that this problem changes the world: "There are a lot of people who have lost their jobs, family, they have lost everything. Patients are ashamed because no one talks about anal incontinence, it is one of the few pathologies that has not been normalized. We, after 20 years of struggle, created this partnership to help patients and give visibility to the disorder, indicating the importance that pharmacists have in informing and advising those suffering from this problem."
The three speakers insisted that it is not a pathology associated only with the elderly, it can be born from tearing in a birth, a colitis, a cancer. It is a ailment for which you do not lose your life, but the quality of life. People do not know that there are treatments and solutions, but the most important thing is that we do not, do not explain it or the doctor, we lose self-esteem, we do not leave the house, depression appears...
The most important thing is to go to the doctor," Roca concluded.