Barcelona meeting


This September 26, 2019,  at the Civic Center in Sarria, Barcelona.
The 1st meeting of patients with F.I. perfectly tucked in by our reference nurse, Montse Xicote of the "Cap Nort" Primary Care Center in Terrassa, took place to try to resolve the doubts of the patients attending the meeting. 
The great surprise of the day, was the presence of Irene Cots, who has been for many years, nurse of Dr. Arantxa Muñoz in the Mutua de Terrassa.
Full afternoon and full of emotions with all the patients who added to the day, very exciting when they realize that they are not alone and that they can share with all their unquietuts, fears, sorrows, joys and that we help each other.
The family of ASIA, is growing... We look forward to and look forward to the next meeting to provide all the solutions and help that is in our hands.
See you soon