1st DAY ON ANAL INCONTINENCE at the University Hospital La Princesa in Madrid.


That's great... one week before the day the registrations were closed to this, by the large number of interested parties...
The Conference was aimed at Primary and Specialized Patients and Health Care Personnel. It was about explaining how to detect, treat and accompany patients.
It was a very enjoyable and very interesting day for everyone. Organized by Dr. Bermejo Marcos of the Coloproctology Unit of the general surgery service and the digestive system.
With the Collaboration of Dr. Minaya Bravo, of the CGD service. H.O. Del Henares
Dr. Gallardo Herrera, CGD service. H.O. From Torrejon
Dr. Noguerales, CGD service. H. O. Principe de Asturias.
The welcome and presentation was in the hands of Dr. F. Illana Robles, CEO H.O La Princesa
Dr. E. Martin Perez, Head of General Surgery and Apa. Digestive H.O. The Princess
Dr. J. García Septiem, Coloproctology Coordinator. General Surgery Service H.O. The Princess. Guests. Dr. Ruiz de la Hermosilla de H.O Niña Leonor
Dr. Ines Pascual, Deputy of General Surgery and Digestive System H.O La Paz

Dr. M. J. Casanova, service of the digestive system H.O. The Princess
Dr. C. Redondo, H.One Rehabilitation Assistant. The Princess
Dr. A. Ruiz de la Font, Fuentidueña del Tajo office
Dr. F. Noguerales, general h.O. surgery service. The Princess
Dr. Mario Ortega, General Surgery Service H.O. Fundación Jiménez Díaz
I. Perez stomaterapeuta general surgery service H.One. The Princess
Dr. A.P. Alonso Casado, general surgery service and digestive system of H.Uno. The Princess.
And of the end, Montserrat Chicote of the North Cape of Terrassa explaining the importance of the detection of anal incontinence in Primary care, our President Angels Roca,  present the Association and explain the important thing is to go hand in hand, patients, primary care and specialists together. It's very hard to have fecal incontinence and don't listen to us... we are by and for the patient and we like to add and work together. 
We had two testimonies of the before and after being treated for the F.I. And it was very emotional, we ended up crying with the testimony of Martha, who was a rather startling witness
Marisol also explained her previous life, and today, sincerely very hard.
Conclusion of the Day with full totality.... an immense carrycot of satisfaction. Thank you Elena for trusting us, now we start a new family of patients at La Princesa Hospital, we will not disappoint you.